Different types of Eco-Friendly Places:

There are two categories of eco-friendly places; they are Eco Lodges and Green Hotels. Both focus on being environmentally responsible, in addition to minimizing their negative impacts. That said there are two main differences. On the one hand, Green Hotels focus on implementing eco-friendly programs. These include renewable energy sources, recycling programs, and eco-friendly toiletries. Eco Lodges apply the same practices but also educate guests on local ecosystems and indigenous culture. Specifically, Eco Lodges reinforce a sustainable outlook on travel which is based around improving the local ecosystems, economy, and community.

Here are some non exhaustive samples of what we propose to our customers :

France, belle France…

French regions such as Brittany, Haute-Marne, Burgundy, Pays de la Loire, Franche-Comté, Centre offer numerous options for ecotourists: canoeing, riding, climbing, hiking, canyoning, potholing, etc.

Visiting islands or national parks and discovering rare animals’ environment such as bisons, tortoises, pheasants, beavers, herons or kingfish.

Developing craft industries, local cultures (habits, food, etc.) and meeting rural population.

Sleeping on a houseboat on the canal du Midi (Southern France), on an island near Corsica, in a farmhouse in the Limousin region, in a castle in Centre region or even in a cabin perched in a tree in Brittany!

My Italy…Eco !

The fashionable beaches of the Ligurian Sea and the French Riviera are just a few kilometers away, yet it is a perfect place to relax.

Choose to experience an eco friendly boutique hotel located right in the middle of a medieval village, where each room is unique, designed with maximum attention to detail, the furniture has been handmade by skilled artisans in Tuscany, and it is finished in natural and relaxing colors.

Romantic garden and swimming pool with Jacuzzi, outstanding assortment of sweet and savoury dishes for breakfast, all local food..

The perfect place to unwind !

And what about Tuscany, Sicily, Umbria, Sardinia…just ask : your dreams are our inspiration !

An Eco- Luxury Hotel in Switzerland

Nestled within the scenic Swiss Alps, White Pod eco lodge focuses on promoting harmony between hospitality and environmental conservation. Guests will enjoy sleeping in private luxury pods heated by pellet stoves and built with natural materials. The eco hotel controls the use of energy and water, recycles waste and utilizes local and regional ingredients. The pods are also energy efficient and have a minimal impact on the natural environment. Some of the activities at the lodge include mountain biking, paragliding, skiing, and dog sledding.

Eco Lodges in Daine Tree Rainforest, AUSTRALIA

Experience luxurious tree house lodging, while living the rainforest. This eco-lodge has the ‘eco-certified advanced eco-tourism’ status as they integrate environmentalism into every aspect of the lodge through practicing Integrated Environmental Management Systems. As activities range from rainforest walks, kayaking and canoeing and spa treatments, this lodge boasts experiences for the adventure hunter, the luxury seeker, and the environmentalist.

Amazing Caucasus : Explore Georgia

You want an occasion to discover Georgia’s superb, and surprisingly spicy cuisine, and also experience the fascinating culture of the Svaneti region’s people, from their famous polyphonic singing to their medieval archicture, with dramatic towers protruding from ancient, remote villages such as Mestia?

And all this with a minimum environmental impact and sharing tourism incomes with local people?

This is the perfect trip for you !

A sustainable safari in South Africa…

Luxury and amazing wildlife adventures don’t have to come at the expense of sustainability. An increasing number of African lodges has started to prioritize earth-friendly practices as much as they do show-stopping safaris.

Those lodges use a water filtration system that negates the use of bottled water. Furthermore, they don’t use cling wrap, straws or plastic bags, but rather rely on things like environmentally-friendly bee-wax wraps and re-usable eco-coffee cups made out of bamboo fiber. A rain water harvesting system is also implemented. To reduce food transportation, a garden is grown on site with organic waste donated to the community for stock feed and compost. Some of those lodges initiated an exceptional reforestation program seeing over 100,000 seedlings planted per year that has directly led to an increased abundance of flora and fauna in the surrounding area.  

Incredible India !

From Goa to Kerala and Tamil Nadu, our choice of eco-resorts helps preserve the region’s natural and cultural history as well as helps boost the local economy by employing people from the surrounding communities.

Their philosophy is simple: to provide an exquisite vacation and wildlife experience while preserving the nature and culture of the land.

But also….

Morocco, Patagonia, Chile, Costa Rica, Brazil, Thailand, French Polynesia and much more !

Just ask for your dream trip and we will be more than enthusiastic to plan your tailor-made itinerary with you !

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