What is a holiday for? Once, I would have said: “For a break from work”, or “For reading bestsellers in the sun, and fall behind on world news.”

But it has become clear that the point of a holiday is a fluid and changeable thing, a thing that tells us much about our seasonal anxieties and spiritual ambitions.

Take the time for a mind & body detox, disconnect from technology and connected devices, offer your body a regenerative and quality sleep…simply LOVE YOURSELF !

Digital Detox

Imagine an escapade with no TVs, no phone reception and no WI-Fi.Scaring? No regenerating ! Unite luxury and authenticity in an all-inclusive resort in Chile;Escape the crowds in Ischia, the hidden gem of the Bay of Naples in Italy ; escape mental clutter in a corner of a Swedish island, surrounded by craggy limestone formations and deserted beaches with sea birds..it’s easy to feel you’ve reached the edge of the world!

Sleep Enhancement

Need stemming stressful working lives, lack of exercise and smartphone addiction? Try our blissfull range of Sleep Enhancement Retreats that will give you the perfect chance to recover yournormal sleeping pattern and achieve deep relaxation, through a combination of stress-relieving techniques and natural therapies. The good news ? The benefits of our treatments &ill continue even after you return home !


Ayurveda is a holistic approach to health that originated in India and acts as an all-encompassing system of mental, physical and spiritual care. Our luxury Ayurveda holidays are the perfect way to reconnect with yourself and experience a complete sense of tranquillity. These traditional healing practises can help cure emotional imbalances and rejuvenate your whole body and spirit. Ask for your tailor-made program and destinations infos.

…But also sofltly weight loss & detox holidays in the most outstanding corners of the planet.

Luxury Spas and Fast therapy stays ; Emotional Healing and Life Coaching retreats.

Let us design your perfect break !