We Care Program

WE believe it is crucial to support the destinations we recommend to our customers, so that local communities, travelers and businesses can prosper in a more balanced way.

WE comitted to work with companies which respect and promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in order to use tourism ressources as a goal to educate, create wealth, fight against poverty, respect and cherish our environment.

How we do so?

By selecting and working with local ONGs and tourism connected partners which support and act for our common causes : wildlife, human rights, children protection, environment, education, animal welfare, public benefit, disaster relief.

By suggesting to our travelers to combine holidays with a volunteering local activity like spending some quality time and contribute for the welfare of unfortunate children, get involved in important conservation and research programs, coast and underwater cleaning, reforestation and forest fire prevention, monitoring the whales, dolphins and seabirds.

By proposing to our travelers to donate $10 (or more) per day of stay, to local or global charity and committed associations, companies and ONGs. WE make sure that every donation is given in full to charity !

Are you ready to positively impact the destinations you visit? WE ARE !