Are you an Eco-friendly Hospitality Company?

Are you a hospitality company interested in joining us?

Beyond Luxury Eco Travel is a travel platform that chose to represent hospitality establishments who value kind, ethical action towards staff, guests, their community and the environment.

We welcome and want to give visibility to eco-friendly boutique hotels, inns, luxury B&Bs, retreats, tour companies, restaurants, cafes, wine bars, fine coffee and tea houses.

Beyond Luxury Eco Travel establishments and tour companies are:

  • Kind.
  • Independent, niche businesses with a commitment to artisanal quality.
  • Unique, authentic establishments with personality, charm and good vibes.
  • Warm. Hospitality served cold is just not our thing.
  • Committed to fair trade, fair labor, and sustainable practices.
  • Purpose-driven: On a mission to help create a better world.

The Beyond Luxury Eco Travel Eligibility Guidelines

All our hospitality establishments are reviewed and accepted based on the following considerations:

1. Eco/Ethical/Humane. Practices organic products, fair/direct trade products, energy/water conservation, waste reduction, humanely-raised meats, sustainable seafood, vegan options, local sourcing, ethical standards for purveyors.

2. Fair Labor/Staff Wellness. We believe in healthy company cultures where staff are treated kindly and fairly. This includes paying a fair wage and other supportive practices and benefits.

3. Aesthetic/Quality/Comfort

4. Purpose Driven/Community Love/Kind Hospitality

We remain committed to quality over quantity, to careful curation, and to celebrating hospitality’s true meaning.

Please get in touch if this sounds like you !