Welcome !

Our dream

What if you could take the most incredible trip of your life while leaving a positive impact on the people and places you visit?

My passion for exploring the world started a long time ago…and it kept growing and growing.

The more I traveled, the more I wanted to travel again and the soonest..

I respectfully thank you my parents for having pushed me since I was a child, every year during my summer school holydays to leave the family cocoon and to open my mind to receive the extreme richness that only a free of prejudices travelling attitude can bring.

My eyes are full of photo albums of the most extraordinary and breathtaking corners of this marvelous planet called Earth.

I am aware of the great priviledge I have to travel around the world, meet people of different cultures, who help me growing and pushing myself a little further..

But beyond that I think that richness, of whatever nature, is someting that has been created to be shared with others. And I decided to share mine with people who want to make the difference while travelling, working & living.

Have a good trip, travel with heart !”

Elisa Iannacci Demanou, Founder & Globe-trotter